CommonSense Project


We aim to spread Common Sense through setting a good example.
So we decided to reward one million people who helped others with relevant Common Sense actions in 2021.
All actions that have contributed to increasing the Survivol* of other people (not relatives) are valid.

What is the difference from Common Sense and Good Sense?????

Making Common Sense known is in itself an action of Common Sense, therefore:

EN encomio bs 2021 generale

Propose a Candidate

Each proposed person will be reviewed by our ethics committee to verify their qualifications.
Obviously you need the person’s email to send the acknowledgment.
For each application / recommendation you will receive 50 Common Sense Tokens.
To receive the recognition you will need to report 20 people who will be approved.
For each incorrect (unethical) report you will be removed 500 Common Sense Tokens.
Within 30 days of reaching the 20 people reported and approved, you will receive an email with instructions for receiving the Tokens and a PDF of the recognition to be printed.

The award is in three parts:

  • a pdf with an acknowledgment for being an example to hang on the wall
  • a miraculous “The Way to Happiness” booklet listing CommonSense’s 21 tips outside politics, religion and more
  • a quantity of Common Sense TOKEN, the people’s currency, which in the future will be the most used


The reported person, if qualified, will receive a PLATE in PDF with the recognition to hang on the wall to inspire other people.
In addition, you will receive Common Sense Tokens in proportion to the “thumbs up” received and the responsibility to report other people. These tokens will be counted at the end of the year and the relative prizes will arrive in January.

In the case of TV channels, YT, Podcast and the like, the manager will be rewarded who in turn will reward employees, collaborators, volunteers, guests, members, donors …
You can use the excel file attached here or ask the person to report himself by entering the channel code.

We want to recognize all those people who have increased the survival of other (non-family) non-profit people.

What actions to report?

  • any action of help made towards a “non-relative” that has increased his survival

  • donations to common sense groups

  • participation in events

  • organize groups and events

  • participate in volunteer groups

What are this Common Sense Token?

It is a digital currency that will come into operation when one million people hold it, expected in January 2023
It is a credit currency owned by the bearer, without speculation.
It is part of the economic project that aims to create an economy based on help / common sense and not on competition.



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